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The Paisley Geothermal Project is operating and selling its renewable energy to PacifiCorp under a five-year contract signed in September 2016. Electric cooperatives that own generating facilities generally move the costs associated with developing the generating facilities into their base rates after the facilities begin operations. At its regularly scheduled meeting held on December 2016, the Board of Directors of Surprise Valley Electrification Corp. determined that the costs associated with SVEC’s investment in the Paisley Project should be brought into the base rates of the Cooperative. Thus, all rate schedules will incur an increase of one-half cent ($0.005) per kWh on the energy charge for all rate classes to recover this investment beginning with the bills issued in April 2017. All revenues that are now being received from the sale of energy by the Paisley Project to PacifiCorp are being used to reduce costs of electric service to the Members of the Cooperative. There will be no increase in the Basic Charge.

The average electricity use for an SVEC residential account is 1100 kilowatt hours per month. Under the old rates of $0.069 per kwh and a basic charge $15, the cost for this energy use is $90.90. Under the new rates of $0.074 and a $15 basic charge, the cost for 1100 kwh is $96.40. The average SVEC residential account will increase by $5.50 per month.

The basic charge for irrigation accounts will remain at $2.67 per horsepower per month. The cost for operating a 75 HP irrigation pump for 1800 hours in a season is $7,190 on the old rates. This cost will increase to $7,749 on the new rates.

The increase for each account will vary based on actual energy used.

The Paisley Project

The Cooperative’s vision for developing the Paisley Project was to serve Members future power requirements with renewable power. As you may recall, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), our sole energy supplier, allocated specific contract amounts to all the utilities BPA serves a few years ago. Under BPA’s allocation scheme, it is each utility’s responsibility to provide for all its power needs above BPA’s allocated contract amount.

In response to BPA’s limiting its power supply obligations back in 2009, SVEC decided to develop the Paisley Project to provide for Members’ future power requirements with renewable energy from a geothermal resource. The Cooperative’s plan is to sell the energy output from the Paisley Project into the wholesale market until SVEC Members need more power supplies. When SVEC’s load increases beyond the amounts provided by BPA, Surprise Valley Electric will use the output of the Paisley Project to fill those needs with renewable energy.

It is now estimated that the Cooperative will need the output from Paisley Geothermal to serve its loads in about 5 years. The power purchase contract that SVEC signed with PacifiCorp lasts through the 3rd Quarter of 2021. SVEC will evaluate the power markets at that time and do what is best for the members.

“This rate adjustment will maintain our cash reserves and financial strength,” said General Manager Bradley Kresge, adding that “putting the Paisley Project into base rates is the final step with incorporating the renewable energy project in Surprise Valley Electric’s operations. The projected life of Paisley Project is expected to be 30 years and it has the promise of providing renewable energy for our Cooperative for many more years to come.”


Surprise Valley Electric

Calendar Photo Contest

Share Your Best Shots

Pick your perfect scenic or wildlife picture and send it to us!

You love where you live. Send us your pictures to prove it. Surprise Valley Electric is looking for scenic landscapes and local wildlife pictures showcasing landmarks and the beauty of the communities Surprise Valley Electric serves. Seasonal pictures are ideal.

Pick shots carefully; each person may submit no more than three photos. Selected pictures will be featured in our 2018 calendar. The winners will get a $25 Power Certificate and the winner of the photo chosen for the calendar cover will receive a $50 Power Certificate.

Each entry should include:

·         Photographer’s name and address.

·         A short description of the photo.

·         An email address and telephone number where the photographer can be contacted.

Only digital JPEG photos will be accepted. Photos must be horizontal format and be at least 300 dpi at 11 inches wide by 9 inches tall. Vertical photos will not be considered. Emails larger than 15 megabytes will not be accepted. Files can be sent in several emails, if necessary.

The contest is only open to members of Surprise Valley Electric. Submissions will be accepted until July 31, 2017.

Contest Rules

·         Eligibility: Photographers must be a member or immediate family member of Surprise Valley Electric to enter. Surprise Valley Electric employees and immediate family are not eligible.

·         Limit: Three (3) entries per person.

·         Location: Pictures must have been taken in Modoc and Lassen, CA; Lake County, OR and Washoe County, NV.

·         File type: JPEG digital images.

·         File size: Minimum 300 pixels per inch at 11x9 inches; maximum 15 megabytes.

·         Format: Horizontal orientation only.

·         Ownership: Image must be an original work you own.

·         Permission: You must obtain the written permission of anyone depicted.

·         Right-to-use: Surprise Valley Electric reserves the right to use the winning photographs in future publications promoting the contest, on our website and on our social media channels.

·         Deadline: July 31, 2017

Ready to Get Your Shot?

Submissions should be sent to along with supporting information. Questions regarding the photo contest should also be sent to!

**Contest Entry Forms**


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