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Online Bill Pay

We are very happy to introduce our new online bill pay system and full-featured online billing interface. 

For quick payments, please use this link:  Pay Now


To register for SmartHub, our full-featured online billing interface, please use the link below.  With SmartHub you can manage your account information, view & pay your bill, set up automatic payments, monitor usage history, and receive important notices.  You can also download the SmartHub app on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play.

Access SmartHub


Please note: If you are using online bill pay through your bank's website, your account number will need to be entered exactly as shown on your bill.  If you set up online bill pay with your bank prior to our conversion into the new billing system, you will need to update your account number in order to ensure automatic posting of payments directly to your account.  For example, the account number 12345-1 (or 123451) from our old system will need to be updated to 12345001.  Additionally, if you have multiple accounts, each account number will need to be entered separately.  For example, accounts 12345001, 12345002, and 12345003 cannot be entered as 12345123 - they must be entered individually.  If you prefer to make one payment for all accounts, rather than enter each one individually, please use one of the links above.








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