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Why Service Requirements?

Why Service Requirements?

The purpose of these requirements are to assist you and your contractor in obtaining electrical service for your residence.  It describes the work SVEC will do and the work SVEC requires of all members for electrical service.  Following these guidlines and procedures allows SVEC to provide electric service in a cost effective and timely manner. 

These drawings are for illistrative purposes only as it is the customer's responsibility to contact the local building inspector for specifics and to comply with all Federal, State, and local wiring codes.  Some of the requirements described here-in are necessarily broad to cover a wide range of conditions.  For answers to more specific questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at Surprise Valley Electrification Corp.  The requirements describe only the wires and equipment typically installed on your property.  If your residence is located farther than 200 feet from an existing SVEC line, a primary or high voltage line extension may be needed.  If this is the case, SVEC will discuss the details with you.

Should SVEC be required to install facilities across properties other than your own property, then right-of-way for these facilities must be obtained.  SVEC will obtain right-of-way on public lands, such as the Forest Service, and requires that you obtain right-of-way on private land.  If this is necessary, SVEC will discuss the details with you as well.

It is the member's responsibility to acquire all of the necessary permits and inspections from the appropriate agencies involved.  For residential construction in Modoc or Lassen Counties, the county building codes require that you have a well and septic system on your property prior to the installation of electrical power.  It is recommended that you hire a qualified electrical contractor who is familiar with the applicable building codes to do the wiring for you.




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